The is a services offered by the CEA Communication & Creative Connection, Limited with Based in Hong Kong. The magazine is part of our media development and claims all copyright rights in relation to brand, conception and content.
For more information, please contact please contact our back office, reachable about the imprint on each magazine side.
The magazine is a summary  documentation of your personal event story and shows images of highlights, scenes and guests.
We are pleased to present you with this Magazines the possibility of not just the event as to look at the whole, but also to copy image material or to order it in order to if also in your own social media channels to share.
Please note the following hints:
I. If the PR Magazine is part of an order (Event Shooting), all images are unmarked and can be copied directly from the magazine page, shared with third parties or published on social media channels.
A further use approval is not required for this required. It also arises no additional costs.
The image material has a standard larger of 532 pixels in landscape format and 750 pixels in portrait orientation.
Each photo can be ordered in a larger Format as a digital file or even as a print.
For this purpose, each photo is linked with a e-mail address. Please enter in your e-mail the exact image number. We would be happy to submit a offer according to your request.
II. In certain cases, we also accompany events without a direct order or order relation ship.
Under these circumstances, photos are marked with © character. They may not be copied or published. Such an act would constitute copyright infringement. (Media Law)
The terms of use and costs for these event photos are then clearly visible shown.
The prices are valid for the standard size (532 pixels and 750 pixels)
Also here each image is linked with mail address. Please order the photos with image number by e-mail. After receipt of payment, we remove the © sign. The image material will be also by e-mail or messenger supplied.
Further enquiries concerning larger formats or even prints we are also happy to answer on this way.
Abuse: We ask all users of this Magazines to refrain from any misuse. Please treat the photos, the people shown and scenes with respect. Thank you very much.
The use and publication of photo material is exclusively only permitted for private purposes. This also includes private media accounts.
Any publication on third parties media accounts is available without written approval strictly prohibited.
Likewise, any advertising or commercial use. Please note that CEA up to such a written agreement the sole power of disposal over has the image material.
Please don‘t copy or use images from other events under any circumstances. Such an act fulfils the allegation of abuse.
In such a case, CEA has at any time the right to receive test.
Privacy: We respect privacy each individual and take hints very serious.
If a person shown does not  want to be the content of this magazine, he can request the removal of the images in question. A justification is not necessary for this.
In this case, please also inform us by e-mail with the corresponding picture numbers. This service is free of charge.
In such a case, a kind of portrait photo would have to shown the person alone.
Group or scene photos are excluded. The person concerned is then not in the focus of the image statement. For a different decision serious reasons must be can be presented.
For this we ask for understanding.
Otherwise, the following applies: "To the best of our knowledge   and conscience..."
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